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What is geocaching?

Here’s a classic scenario:

You get an air-tight sandwich box (use an old one, or buy a new one).

You place a ‘log book’ in the sandwich box (cheap notepad, even just a sheet of paper)

You place some goodies in the sandwich box (mostly cheap items that typically children enjoy, e.g. badges, key-rings, small toys).

You label the box as a ‘Geocache’ (write with permanent marker on the outside, or similar).

Write a short note for the inside explaining what a geocache is (wording available to download).

Go for a walk (along the beach, in the woods, in a park, or even down town!)

Spot a ‘safe’ and secure place to hide your lunch box, or actually geocache, simpler still - just ‘cache’.

Place your cache in the hiding place, away from prying eyes.

Using a smartphone (or a GPS device, such as for treking, etc.) make a note of the location of the cache (a bit like marking a position if you ever use a car SatNav).

Log into www.geocaching.com and tell everyone what and where your cache is!

YouTube has almost 400 thousand videos about geocaching.

Google produces about 17 million results when searching for ‘geocaching’.

And there are over 10 million registered geocaching users worldwide.

There are over 2.5 million geocaches (containers) hidden around the world.